I'm Jonathan Bakebwa. I live in Beijing, where I write software that runs on hundreds of thousands of devices.

After graduating from high school in 2014, I started my career in tech as a UI/UX designer at A23 Labs, where I designed UIs for various web and mobile apps. I also freelanced as a print designer for t-shirts, posters and book covers.

北京欢迎你 | Welcome to Beijing

In 2016, I moved to Beijing, China to purse my undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Technology. During this time, I became proficient in Chinese because I had to study my course in Chinese. It was the challenge of language barrier that inspired me to join Akkadu as a co-founding member, where we built software that empowered Remote Simultaneous Interpretation. With this software, the user could attend events, lectures and courses that are conducted in foreign languages.

My Open Source Story

My first contribution to open-source was a documentation pull request to Nuxt.js about extending it's webpack configuration. From there, I was inspired to share more of my work and research. As a front-end oriented engineer, I was inspired to build a component library that would allow consumers to author accessible user interfaces with an extendable theming API. This library later came to be known as Chakra UI Vue, thanks to Segun Adebayo, who approached me and encouraged me to work on it.

What I'm doing now

Right now, I lead a team of building open-source SDK and API service for Web 3 development at Mirror World. I currently serve as CTO.

Outside my work

I also serve and minister with Manifest Fellowship on the IT department, as well as the regional head of Manifest APAC Region since.

I also play the guitar and write music, as well as read books on different topics.

Things I'm passionate about

  • Startups solving real-world problems
  • Musical Instruments & Composition
  • System Design Engineering
  • Teaching & the science of learning

Things I intend to do

  • Build & invest in startups focused in Africa
  • Buy a yatch

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! Blessings!

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